Antonia Romeo

Soul Symmetry Director


Soul Symmetry has been created by Antonia Romeo who is passionate about personal development spanning over 20 years. She developed The Soul Symmetry Coaching Program as a result of years gained through her own personal experiences along with study and coaching others.

As a life coach I aim to help women feel good about themselves by building self-belief, see their potential, harness inner strengths, clarify what they want and develop confidence to make choices to design a life they want to lead, one filled with positivity, meaning and purpose as I have realised through my own experiences that by building self-belief and developing confidence within ourselves, we cultivate deeper self awareness and tune into our intuition and honoring ourselves we connect to our truth and create a life where we feel grounded, calm and peaceful.

Soul Symmetry specialises in ‘The Self-Belief Coaching Program‘ for guidance on how to believe in yourself, understand your strengths and values, connect to your heart and cultivate a path filled with love, kindness, inner calm, peace and clarity, ‘The Career Coaching Program’ for discovering career aspirations and direction.

Our Soul Symmetry coaching programs have been carefully tailored and include specific transformational tools that focus on working through the information obtained during your Two Hour Personal History consultation on your first session to ensure that we achieve the best results to enhance your growth. Together we will get to the core of your being and you’ll be inspired to stretch and grow. 

Antonia is a certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner

Completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8 Week Course.

“The best approach to take in life is to listen to your inner voice, how your body feels in that moment and if your soul dances then you know that you are on a path to total bliss!”

– Antonia Romeo