January 29, 2022

Pause, Reset And Reflect

Pause, Reset And Reflect, give yourself permission to be still today, be mindful that rest is as important as your exercise routine and eating well, it’s another way to nourish yourself with love and compassion, allow yourself to reset and reflect on your life, what you need and don’t need. Being still provides space to press pause on the busy mind and give way to let you listen to your intuition, your truth and knowingness that’s already within you waiting to emerge without fear. ⁠

🧡Find a place where you are comfortable where there are no distractions and close your eyes or keep a soft gaze,  take some deep nourishing breaths through your nose, inhaling deeply through your lungs, allow your belly to rise, feel your belly rising and then breathe out gently from your mouth, feel your belly soften, exhale stresses you don’t need, as you breathe out, feel the release and gently relax your body, continue with this rhythm for another 2 repeats and then allow your breath to go naturally as the natural rhythm of your breath, try to spend at least 20 minutes in your meditation today taking time out, when you are ready, wiggle your fingers and your toes and open your eyes. Enjoy your day of rest, pause and reset with love, 🙏🌷🧡



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