May 21, 2020

Show Up Wholeheartedly

Show Up Wholeheartedly and recognise it’s not enough to live life half way, it’s not enough to just survive you want to feel that you are thriving in this lifetime, moving with your flow doing what you love, connecting with your soul truth, connecting to your heart and doing things your heart skips a beat knowing you are on the right path. It is so very easy to keep doing, start by taking time out to get away from the noise in your head, the voice that says ‘you can’t do that and take ownership by stepping away and be the observer, watch your thoughts and replace them with positive uplifting thoughts that will elevate you, take time out and close your eyes and hold your hand on your heart and allow yourself to inhale and exhale naturally, slowing down bring up peace, love, joy, serenity, trust, faith, compassion,  say these words to yourself, write them down if you need to so you refer to them when the need arises a quick reminder and continue to choose wholeheartedly living xx

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