March 29, 2020

Harmony And Balance

Harmony and Balance find the time to be calm today, be in harmony and balance, take some timeout to rejuvenate by allowing at least 20 minutes of rest time, this can be in a quiet spot where there are no distractions, find a comfortable spot, you can either be seated make sure your feet touch the earth or sit on the earth crossed leg, close your eyes and start to inhale and exhale gently, relax your shoulders, relax your forehead, your eyebrows, your cheeks, your jaw, continue with your natural breath, keep going deeper into relaxation, relax your chest, your stomach, your thighs, knees, make sure you totally let go and surrender, any thoughts that arise allow them to come and go, don’t fight them as they are there for you to not resist, breath in peace and breath out any stresses you no longer  need, enjoy the experience bringing you to a place of harmony and balance being ready for the week ahead, lots of love x

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