July 16, 2019

Create, Discover & Uncover

Create, Discover & Uncover with belief, trust, and heartfelt intention you will create, discover and uncover an unlimited potential, start by spending time in silence and connecting to your heart space, listen to what messages come up, try to let go of your mind during this process, you want to allow what shows up and unfold naturally without trying to fix or change it, ideas will present themselves to you and from there you’ll be able to discover and uncover what the next steps are to make what you feel and see a reality to develop the idea. Your discovery might be emotional where there’s a deeper awareness and a positive internal shift, or it might be a creative idea where you will engage deeply in your creativity and foster it and harness your gift, there are so many facets to creating, discovering and uncovering, there are no restrictions, allow what shows up and see it as your next steps to go on your path to stretch & grow x

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