July 10, 2019

Heart Honouring

Heart Honouring, start by connecting more to your heart by letting go of your head, being in your head creates stress, anxiety, fear, judgements and a distorted view of what is real, when you are in your heart you are connected to your truth, peace, calmness, you flow with the universe and openness occurs, you are connected to your higher-self where your intuition is heightened, awareness and clarity unfold, begin by taking time out in silence and place your hand on your heart with your eyes closed, breathe in and out gently with your natural breath, ask your higher self to show you the way and keep you on this beautiful path of being more with your heart space so it’s your new way of seeing life from now on. We need to honour our heart space and understand the beauty it brings to us and others, therefore reap the fabulous rewards for making the choice to take this extraordinary step that comes naturally by following your heart, enjoy x

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