June 20, 2019

Purpose & Passions

Purpose & Passions, what’s your purpose and passions? You might already know your passions and purpose or you may want to find out?! If you don’t know yet, think about what gets you excited, when you are in the moment and connected?! It’s when you feel a pull and always go back to it no matter what! is a sign of your purpose, a passion which is part of your inner core. If you are not sure yet, spend time in silence meditating and asking your higher self for guidance, you may not get the answer immediately, although if you keep meditating and asking the answers will come, it’s a knowing when it arises, you won’t question it because the feeling will be so intense and strong intuitively you’ll know. If you are already clear on your passion and purpose keep going with it, embrace it and bring it to the surface as it’ll unfold into your world even deeper and show up on your path how it is meant to and as your teacher, keep an open mind and watch things come together beautifully. Enjoy being in your purpose and passion and living a fulfilling life authentically x


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