May 30, 2019


Revelation, think about a time when you had a moment of enlightenment, what I mean is, you know when you have those moments which are not often where you have an awakening or some kind of internal shift that you can’t explain unless it’s experienced but you know instinctively that something has changed, a movement of some sort, a spiritual growth, a sense of awareness and a shift whereby you know you can’t go back to how it was internally and keep moving forward, do you remember a moment like that? I know revelations don’t happen every day, however, I feel we need to embrace and acknowledge when they do because they play an impact on the next phase in our path, so maybe when you have a moment take time out and see if you can recall a revelation and take it all in, breathe in, acknowledging it came to you for a purpose to go further on your beautiful exciting journey.

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