May 8, 2019

Connect To Your Heart

Connect to your heart and notice you that you will start to tune into your intuition on a deep level, decisions come easily, there’s clarity, you don’t look outside of yourself as your focus is within. A quick way to start practicing heart based connection is to close your eyes and start to take a few breaths in and out, allowing yourself to relax, place your hand on your Heart Chakra, where you heart is, start to imagine a white light on your heart, beaming a gorgeous ray of light, sink into this image while you take your breaths and if you have a question or need guidance, allow it to come through, ask your higher self, your heart center, what is the best approach, or which is the best option to take and slowly and answer will come, don’t try and force it, just trust and you will hear a whisper coming from your intuition which is connected to your heart x

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